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ACT argues the society to remember poor farmers who toil tirelessly to ensure food security for this nation. The Society should recognise and appreciate farmerís contribution in Tanzania.
Dr.Sinare Y.Sinare

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Welcome To Agricultural Council of Tanzania

ACT is the umbrella organization of the agricultural private sector in the country. It aims to unite groups and associations of farmers, livestock keepers, suppliers, processors, transporters, researchers in order to push for improved economical and organizational environment of the sector.

ACT believes that a dialogue between stakeholders and strengthening the agricultural associations can assist the sector to become commercialized and highly productive, leading to poverty reduction and improved standard of living for agricultural community- the majority of Tanzanians.

In March 2008 the members approved a new ACT Strategic Plan (2008-2012). The aim was to make this organization the most effective private sector instrument for the whole agricultural sector in Tanzania by emphasizing modernization, commercialization of agriculture, and to lobby for key private sector agricultural issues.

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