Membership Application Process

How to become a member

Membership to the Council is free and open to legally establish organization, associations, or firm which its core activity relates to agricultural activities. ACT membership is categorized into four groups, which are full members corporate members, associate members, and honorary members.

Application Process for ACT Membership

The following procedures must be followed for all membership applications of all categories:

Applications for ACT membership will be accepted on an ongoing basis by filling the membership application forms duly signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the applying organization.

Letter of application must be on the headed notepaper of the Organization and must be signed by the Chief Executive Officer or other designated Official.

Duly filled applications forms must be accompanied by the initial registration fee plus annual subscription fee of the category applied

Initial registration fee is 50,000

Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT)

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Membership annual subscription fee structure:

Class of Members

Annual Subscription fee (Tshs)

Details and characteristics



Operates throughout the country

Medium Large


Operates  outside the region (multiple regions)



Operates within the region



Operates within the districts

The Application Must Be Accompanied With:-

A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation

A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association

A list of the board members

A copy of the most recent annual report

A certified Board Resolution mandating the organization to join ACT specifying the preferred category. ACT reserves the right to admit members at its discretion.

Privilege for ACT members

Every member of ACT is entitled to representation at any ACT member dialogue meeting, workshop/event. The representative shall normally be a member's Chairperson of the Board or his/her designee. The representative shall have full privileges of the ACT member services.

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